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Help for myhomepoll.com users


Help for myHomePoll.com users

Free Web Polls

How to create new poll?

To create new poll and put it on your web site or blog, you do not need to create account or log in. Simply fill in following fields: question and answers. If you want you can add short description.

If you need more answers - click on add next and the next answer field will appear. You can always change answer sequence, by dragging and dropping answers.

Finally enter picture code and confirm terms and regulations. It is necessary to create poll.

Edit your poll parameters

Url of your poll
You can set your own, unique and easy to remember web poll url for example http://personal.myhomepoll.com.

Edit your poll in the future
If you enter email address we will send you special url where you can edit your poll. Without this url you will not be able to edit and modify your poll

Edit links are active for limited time only

Since you can create poll without having any account we must secure it from other users so that no one but owner could change it or delete it. That is why ONLY YOU can edit it now and after editing time has passed - no one will be able to change it.

But editting your poll in the future requires only entering your email on the poll parameters page, and we will send you unique, secret url to edit your poll. With this url you can always change your poll. For your safety we created mechanism to enable only you to edit your poll.

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